Wind turbine

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Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine.png
Block type: Multiblock
Powered by: Wind (No fuel required)
Requirements for operation: None
Stackable: Yes (64)

The Wind Turbine provides power of 160W at ~50v (Depending On Wind Power) Can be connected to other blocks via Cable. It's one of the simplest forms of generating power



Wind Turbine In Order to craft wind turbine, you will need: 3x Iron Plate 1xElectrical Motor 1xMachine Block




As you can see, Wind turbine only has a connector for power cables (50V) at it's back. For voltages higher than 50V, you can use a Transformer.

Shape of a wind turbine


The Higher, The Better. Try to position your Wind Turbine As high as it is possible (on a hill or build a tower) The wind speed peaks at Y100 so if you want optimal performance, build that high. Make sure that nothing obstructs airflow: No blocks either at the front, or the back of a Windmill (tip: Power generation is higher during rain or storm) REMEMBER:160W of power is the maximum of it.The real power of it is about 15-35w.Sometimes higher,but really rare.Very unstable!

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