Transportation Machine

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Transportation Machine
Block type: MultiBlock
Powered by: 800 Volts
Requirements for operation: Destination machine
Stackable: Yes (64)

The Transportation Machine is a very useful contraption that can be used to teleport a Player and/or Entity from one Transportation Machine, to the other. Sadly, you cannot teleport between dimensions, but the transportation machine is still a very useful, regardless.


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Grid Transportation Machine.png

How it works

Once you hit Start button, the transportation machine will accept the first entity that walks into it. Simply throw the entity you want to transport (or yourself) and wait. The door will close after a few seconds pass. Once this happens, the machine will activate its internal ground which will cause electricity to start flowing into the machine, powering your transport. Once the machine pulls enough power out of the network it will send the entity to its destination! Watch out when transporting yourself; if your transporter's power gets cut off during the process, it will try to send you to the location but fall short, causing you to be possibly in a dangerous situation or at the very least have to walk a long way. Longer distances require more energy and are more likely to fail so ensure your network is capable of handling this load by sending a throwaway item first and seeing if the energy bar fills up all the way before the item is sent. tip:there are no hit box under it,so you can make a trap。 eg :you can dig down under it and put lava

How to use the Transportation Machine:

First you'll need to connect the machine to an 800V power supply through one of the three connectors. You can use any or all of the connectors, but remember that the voltage must be 800V. The whole reason there are three connectors is so the transporter can draw power from multiple networks. That way you can balance the load and avoid overloading a single network.

Next you'll need another transportation machine to transport to. Get the name of that machine, right-click this machine to open the GUI, and put that name in the slot. You may also want to get the name of the current machine so you can put it in the other machine's GUI. You'll also want to chose the power draw here. A faster draw will cause the transporter to work quicker, but requires a stronger network. If you draw too much power from a the network at once it can lead to a voltage drop. This will result in there being not enough voltage to power the transformer, which will cause you to be transported to a random location.

Now hit start! And (optional) say, "Beam me up scotty!


Because transportation machines need both a source and a destination, it would be useful to learn how to set up each optimally. A single solar panel can have its voltage stepped up to 800V in order to act as a receiver, however it would never be able to send anything due being unable to provide any Joules without the voltage dropping dramatically.

A receiver. It can accept any transportation target but cannot send any entities itself due to the weak power source.

If you want transportation to be possible both ways, consider building a full setup with a 15x15 solar array hooked up into a 1:4 transformer. As long as you don't set the power draw too high you will be able to send and receive any time during the day! This is a very worthwhile setup to invest in as it allows for one to effortlessly transport themselves across the world effectively for free. Be careful though, if the location you end up at doesn't have a full transporter setup, you won't be able to return.

Those who do not want to build large solar panel arrays might consider using batteries or tightly controlled on-site generators which activate on use. How would one accomplish that? Good question!

This setup will allow you to both send and receive entities, as the solar panels are providing enough Joules for operation.