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Block type: Single
Powered by: Any Voltage
Requirements for operation: Voltage
Stackable: Yes (64)

Transformer is a device that can convert volts to amps and visa versa. It's useful to connect electrical systems which have different voltage or power a high voltage device.

In Electrical Age mod transformer works with DC voltage but in real life it works only with AC.

Behavior and usage

To use transformer correctly you have to put specified amount of wires on each winding and the Ferromagnetic Core.

There is primary and secondary winding but you can swap it. Each winding is marked with green or yellow rectangle.

Transformer can multiple or devide voltage according to this formula :

Vsec = (Vpri · nsec) / npri

Vsec = Voltage at secondary winding
Vpri = Voltage at primary winding
nsec = Amount of wires in secondary winding
npri = Amount of wires in primary winding


Example of windings.

In this example the green winding have 1 Low Voltage Cable and voltage on it is 50V.
The yellow winding have 4 Medium Voltage Cables and according to above formula, the voltage will be 200V.

Vsec = (50V · 4) / 1
Vsec = 200V