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Welcome to Electrical Age's Wiki
The Minecraft mod (ELN).
What is Electrical Age ?

Electrical Age is a huge tech mod that incorporates over 150 new items, blocks, and mechanics; all of which, have been in development for over a year. This mod has many different features including:

A better simulation

Electrical simulation with resistive and capacitive effects. Behaviour similar to those of real life objects.

Multiple electrical sources

Furnaces, Solar panels, Wind turbines, Batteries, Capacitors, ...

Break the cube

Cables, sensors, actuators, alarms, etc. can be placed on each face (outer and inner) of a cube, witch allows a significant reduction of the consumed space by electrical installations.

Night-lighting revisited

Lamps, switches, captors, ...

Small and big electricals consumers

From the lamps, electrical furnaces,... to the miners, transporters, ...

Incredible tools

XRay scanner, flashlight, portable mining drill, ...


Old redstones circuits can be exploited with electrical - redstone converters.

Game lifetime/complexity extended

A consequent list of new raw materials and items...

Tuto_electrical (WIP)

Picture of the week


This picture is a perfect example of Solar Panel power plant, that works at day, but because of the Light Sensor and Relay, switchs off at night. You can also see a Transformator, some Cables and Signal Cables, Remote Transmitter and Receiver, Signal Button and a Lamp. A complete list of blocks can be found right below ;) Also if you have any suggestion for next week's picture, let us know in the Discussion!

Table of contents
Did you know that...

Unlike other mods (IC2, Universal Electricity) Electrical Age does not use packet-based electricity, that works by sending an specific amount of "packets" every tick. Instead it uses a continuous electricity flow based on Voltage and Amperage. That allows it to do more complex and real-life-like simulations. Read more...