Stone Heat Furnace

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Stone Heat Furnace
Stone Heat Furnace.png
Block type: Single
Powered by: Charcoal
Requirements for operation: None
Stackable: Yes (64)

The Stone Heat Furnace provides heat either direct to other blocks or via Copper Thermal Cable. They are typically used to create a heat gradient for Turbine.


Stone Heat Furnace

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Grid Copper Thermal Cable.png
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Grid Stone Heat Furnace.png


Stone Heat Furnace Interface.png

Internal/External Control (A)

If set to internal control, you can move the Gauges yourself. If set to external, the Gauges are controlled by a signal coming in over a Signal Cable.

Take/Decline Fuel (B)

If under Internal control, this controls whether the Furnace will consume fuel. If it is left off, the furnace won't consume any fuel.

Regulator Slot (C)

Normally only the Control Gauge can be controlled. If you have a Regulator installed, you can set a particular temperature for the furnace to hold. The Analog Regulator does so gradually, finding the exact right control setting, while the 1%/10% regulators work approximately like a standard thermostat.

Combustion Chamber Slot (D)

At least 1 Combustion Chamber is needed for the Stone Heat Furnace to work. Add a second to improve efficiency.

Fuel Slot (E)

Insert combustible fuel here.

Temperature Gauge (F)

Shows the current temperature of the furnace. Requires a regulator to be able to be controlled.

Control Gauge (G)

Sets the rate at which to burn fuel in %. At a setting under 10%, no fuel will be burned, and the Furnace is effectively off.

Signal Behavior

Signals will adjust the Control gauge. The signal strength directly correlates to its position on the bar.

  • 50V - Outputs 1,000 watts
  • 25V - Outputs 500 watts
  • 0V - Outputs 100 Watts

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