200V example build

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If you got here by accident, check out 50V example build first.

This build is very similar to the 50V example build.

Differences from 50V

Example 200V 1.png

Voltage control

Electrical Probe example for 200V build
  • We need to set the voltage range to something near to 200V instead of 50V
  • Note that it is relatively safe to over-volt the line a little. Just be careful to not over-amp it.

Example 200V 2.png


Spot the differences with the 50V version!

Example 200V 4.png

Machine Boosters can get 200V machines running much faster than their 50V versions. Note that if you have machines boosted to max power, you might have to take turns with the machines so that you don't overload the line.

Where to go next

You now have a good jumping off point for the other advanced Examples

You could consider building the Autominer example.